Who We Serve

Tournament Directors

Let us handle the hotels and allow you to focus on your tournaments.  We will negotiate hotel contracts using our industry expertise and contract a variety of hotels so your teams / participants have choices based on what’s important to them whether it be rate, breakfast, location, pool etc.  We want your teams to have a hassle free tournament experience and that includes booking the hotel of their choice.  In our hands they will be guaranteed the lowest group rate.  Happier teams make for a more overall successful tournament experience!  We will increase your tournament revenue at no cost to you.  Ask us how.


Coaches and Club Directors

Rest assured that when working with us we will be negotiating the lowest group rates available.  Our goal is to save you time and money.  Your time is valuable and booking hotel rooms without the industry experience could cost you more in the long run.  Our easy booking system allows for a smooth stress free process.   Know your entire schedule for the year?  Send it to us and we will get you set up all at once!  Your teams parents will thank you for it and the best part…its FREE!


Parents / Participants

We are here to help you throughout the entire process!  We want our parents to enjoy the entire tournament process from beginning to end.  Our partner hotels know our expectations and understand that our parents and participants are shared customers.  Feel good knowing that you will be well taken care of!


Social Event Organizers

Feeling stressed?  We know that event planning can be overwhelming!  Let us handle your event block.  We will work with the hotel from negotiating to contract signing.  When we are done we will simply send you the link that you can pass on to your participants.  It really is that easy!



Let us help get your business in front of our thousands of participants.  We can tailor advertising to a particular area or on a national level.  Our proven strategies have increased awareness, visibility and revenue for businesses.  Since we cater to out of town teams and participants we get asked the questions.  Let us refer your business.  It’s a win win for everyone!



We value our hotel partnerships.  We want the booking process to be just as easy for our hotels as it is for our participants.  We will thoroughly communicate your terms to our Coaches and Parents.  Our booking system will free up your Front Desk and allow them to focus more at the property level.  You will have real time access to block information and we will work with you to adjust as necessary to maximize every revenue opportunity.  We will give you volume in exchange for the best rates for our teams.  Because we are hotel people we understand the hotels perspective and will work to educate our teams on the hotels expectations resulting in a spectacular experience for everyone!


Facility Managers, Parks and Rec, CVB’s

Want to maximize revenue potential within your area?  We can formulate a custom game plan to ensure your facility is getting the benefits from hosting the event / tournament.  We can get the information in front of everyone who is attending AND we can obtain stats that will help you to market effectively.  Let’s work together to boost the economy and generate some additional revenue!