General Policies:

General Policies:

The rates offered have been guaranteed by the hotel as the lowest group rate available and may include specific negotiated amenities not normally included in advertised rates. 

An 8.95 per room per night non-refundable service fee will be due at time of booking.  A nightly deposit may be required.  The remaining balance will be due at the time of check in or check out. Hotels have been instructed to refer any Tournament related reservation requests to Impact Housing.  Hotel may be contacted only during the specific timeframe outlined in the Guest Receipt. Loyalty points can be earned but cannot be redeemed in the team block.

Stay to Play
Teams are required to book under their contracted block to fulfill contracted obligations.  This includes booking a required minimum number of rooms.  Booking outside of Impact Housing is not permitted for this reason. Penalties may be applied.
Teams outside of 75 miles from address on registration will be required to stay in a partner hotel.  If rooms are needed for teams within 75 miles partner hotels must be utilized.  A minimum of 75% of final rooming list or 8 rooms per team (whichever is higher) is expected at the hotel.  A waiver must be approved and on file prior to the tournament start date exempting the team from any stay to play policies.   
Room Types
Hotels have been instructed to honor room types contracted and reserved.  Although every attempt will be made to keep teams together it may not be possible due to location of room types.  If parents / participants wish to change their room type to one not originally contracted, parents / participants can submit a change form.  It is recommended to proceed with booking a room inside the block to guarantee a room then fill out the change form to request a different room type.  Larger families will need to reserve 2 rooms if they are over the maximum persons allowed per room.  Change fees may apply for obtaining preferred room types.

Conduct / Damages
To ensure a comfortable stay for both the teams and other guests in the hotel please abide by the hotels policies with regards to behavior, safety and conduct.  Parents and Coaches will be held accountable for the actions of minors.  The payee of the room will be responsible for any damages resulting from its occupants.  Hotels damages policy may supersede this policy.  Impact will not be responsible for any damages.  Standard indemnification policy applies.

Although not a common occurrence field / venue changes may happen.  Impact Housing is not responsible for moving teams and the cancellation clause will be in effect.  If alternate accommodations are found, the service fee will be charged for the new reservation.  Fees are non transferable. Administration fees will be assessed to the Club / Organization for Team cancellations within 60 days of the Tournament which may include forfeiture of deposits.  

Cancellation / Fees:
If your hotel submitted a cancellation policy it will be noted first under the cancellation section and supersedes Impact Housings standard policy below. 

Teams may cancel up to 60 days prior to the Tournament without penalty.  

Under 60 days – Impact Housing will assess a $150 Administration Fee per team for entire team cancellations (on own accord) within 60 days of tournament.  This is separate from any fees that may be assessed by the Hotel and Tournament Director.  Fees will be billed to the Team Contact and must be paid within 24 hours. If not, Impact will charge each reservation associated with the team a $25 cancellation penalty.  Outstanding fees may affect future tournament participation.

Hotel reserves the right to charge one night’s room and tax to each individual credit card.  This is completely at the hotel’s discretion. 

Individuals within the team may cancel their reservation up to 11 pm Tuesday or 72 hours prior to check in whichever comes first so long as the team block remains above 75% or a minimum of 8 rooms per team whichever is higher of the final rooming list.  A $75 fee will be assessed if the block falls below either.  Cancellations can be made with the hotel directly after the specified due dates imposed by the hotel outlined in the Room Reservation Agreement.  Prior to the specified due dates cancellations can be made using the Team Link in the confirmation email. 
In the event the tournament is cancelled prior to the start date by the Tournament Director then no penalties apply.