Q.  What is Stay to Play?

A.  Stay to Play is a policy that requires anyone needing overnight accommodations to book rooms using approved partner hotels as a condition to play in a tournament.  Impact Housing coordinates and contracts with these hotels for a smooth and seamless process.  Benefits to the teams / participants are lowest group rates guaranteed, cancellation protection and better coordination with hotels who are familiar with our services not to mention additional amenities that may not be included with online rates.

Q. When can we book our rooms?

A.  You may start the Housing process after confirmation of registration from the Tournament / Event.  For Playbook Users, a link will be sent directly after registration.  Booking links can be found on our site or you can turn in the Block Request Form or contact one of our Housing Coordinators the greater the hotel availability and the likelihood of getting one of your top choices.

Q.  Why is the booking window so short?

A.  In exchange for lowest group rate, we have agreed to fill our blocks.  We cannot hold rooms for extended amounts of time and risk “dropping rooms” or in some cases, we have a waitlist of teams and must utilize every opportunity to fill our available rooms prior to the hotels cutoff date.

If teams prefer, they can wait to choose their hotel at a later date keeping in mind that the choices may change by the time they are ready.

Q. Should I wait to book our rooms?

A. Rooms should be booked the moment you are accepted into the Tournament / Event. The most favorable hotels will sell out quickly and reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. Your Tournament / Event may increase demand making it harder to get a top choice hotel.

Q.  How many rooms should I book?

A.  Several rooms over your roster are recommended.  Any rooms not picked up by the teams cutoff date will go back into inventory.  Of the rooms that have been booked by your team 75% or a minimum of 8 per team (whichever is higher) of your final rooming list is expected to show at the hotel.  This does allow for a few cancellations (depending on your initial rooming list count) prior to the tournament.

Q. Can I find my own hotel even if it’s Stay to Play?

A. No. Our Tournaments / Events require all rooms be booked through Impact Housing.  Our hotel partners are familiar with our services and event needs.  In addition to the lowest group rate guarantee we have contracted particular terms with our hotel partners that protect our teams from tournament cancellation and age bracket cancellations.  Also, our group rates may include particular amenities that would not be included in rates advertised to the public.

Q.  Is anyone exempt from the Stay to Play policies?

A.  Only teams with within 75 miles of the tournament location can be exempt with an approved waiver.  The address on the registration will be used to determine distance.

Any team insisting on using a non-partner hotel can pay a $400 opt out fee which must be collected prior to issuing a waiver.

To submit a waiver, click Waiver Request Form.

Q.  What if I found a lower advertised rate?

A.  Our agreement is for the lowest group rate.  If you believe you have found a lower rate and the terms of that rate are exactly the same (room type and amenities) as outlined in the Room Reservation Agreement, please fill out the Contact Us Form and upload a screen shot showing rate, room type and any “small print” associated.  Certain rates are excluded such as Advance Purchase (pay up front, no changes, no cancellations), Corporate Negotiated, or Employee rates to name a few.

Q. Can I call the hotel and book my rooms myself?

A. No. Impact Housing has negotiated the lowest group rates with each hotel. Per our agreement the hotels will not be permitted to accept any reservations unless authorized by an Impact Housing Representative.  By booking on your own you will jeopardize the teams’ minimum requirements which may result in penalties assessed to the team.

Q.  Will my credit card be charged right away? 

A. Yes. A $8.95 nonrefundable service fee per room per night will be charged upon booking and in most cases a deposit will be required. The remaining balance will be charged at the hotel’s discretion. Typically, upon check in or check out.

Q.  What is the service fee?

A.  The service fee covers the use of the booking software, changes related to your reservation and validates your credit card which guarantees your reservation.  It is NON REFUNDABLE.

Q.  How does the process work exactly?


1.  Team Contact chooses a hotel and creates a hold block.

2.  Team Contact is responsible for disbursing the link.

3.  When booking your room, you will receive an auto email of the “Request”.  Hotels will upload your confirmation number by the team’s cutoff date.  You will receive an auto email of the “Confirmation”.

Q.  What if my team is within driving distance to the Tournament?

A.  The only exception to the STAY to PLAY policy is an approved waiver.  Teams within 75 miles of the tournament location can file a waiver.  The address on the registration will be used to determine distance to the venue.  No exceptions to this rule will be made.  Click the Waiver Request Form.

Q.  What if I need to make a change to my reservation?

A.  If you are within the time frame (check your Guest Receipt email) you may change the reservation using the link in your Guest Receipt email.  Hotels must approve all changes and you will be notified once it is approved or declined.  Changes will not be processed after the deadline outlined in your Guest Receipt email.  Keep in mind that the service fee is nonrefundable.  If you shorten your length of stay you will not be refunded any part of the service fee charged at time of booking.

Q.  What if I’m not sure how many nights we will be staying?

A.  Some hotels will implement a stay night minimum.  Please read the policies of the hotel.  We suggest that you choose your dates on your ability to drive and play.  If this disrupts the amount of rest your team needs, we suggest you book the evening before the tournament.

Q.  What if my team doesn’t make it to the next level and we need to check out early?

A.  Most hotels will not allow an early check out without a penalty.  Hotels have held your block of rooms and taken them off the market and guaranteed the lowest group rate depending on the amount of room nights you have contracted.  We suggest you read the hotel’s policies.

Q.  Am I guaranteed one of my top choice hotels?

A.  Due to availability and timing, you may not be placed in one of your top choice hotels.  Although we will make every effort to accommodate each teams’ requests.

Q.  What if I don’t know the location of our game?  How do I choose the right hotel location?

A.  Because we ask that the housing process start immediately after registration the schedule of games and locations may not yet be available.  In this case we suggest that you choose the hotels that best fit your “wants” and “needs”.  We have found that some teams don’t mind the extra miles if the hotel has everything they are wanting in amenities.  We will not move teams due to field location / changes.

Q.  Can reservation requests be taken over the phone?

A.  Yes.  Please call 888-433-4993, Option 1.  We will return your call within 48 hours.  Or you may fill out a “Contact Us” Form.

Q.  What if we have special requests?

A.  We will do our best to assist with special requests.  Please note the request in the designated area when making your room reservation.  Hotels cannot guarantee but will do their best to accommodate.

Q.  How do I get a different room type?

A.  We suggest you make your room reservation through the link to guarantee a room.  Once you receive your Hotel Confirmation number you may submit a Change Request Form requesting a different room type.  Higher rates may apply.  For larger families two rooms may be the only option.

Q.  Can I book the meeting space at the hotel?

A.  You may contact the hotel directly to do this.  Typically, it is a first come first serve basis.  Rental fees may apply.

Q.  What is the standard cancellation policy?

A. Teams may cancel up to 60 days prior to the Tournament without penalty.

Under 60 days – Impact Housing will assess a $150 Administration Fee per team for entire team cancellations (on own accord) within 60 days of tournament.  This is separate from any fees that may be assessed by the Hotel and Tournament Director. Hotel reserves the right to charge one night’s room and tax to each individual credit card.  This is completely at the hotel’s discretion.  

Individuals within the team may cancel their reservation up to 11 pm Tuesday or 72 hours prior to check in whichever comes first so long as the team block remains above 75% or a minimum of 8 rooms per team whichever is higher of the final rooming list.  A $100 fee will be assessed if the block falls below either.  Cancellations can be made with the hotel directly after the specified due dates in your Guest Receipt.  Prior to the specified due dates cancellations can be made using the link in the Guest Receipt.


Q. What happens if the tournament is cancelled?

A.  If the tournament is called by the Tournament Director for any reason no penalties apply.  If you are already checked into the hotel, you will be responsible for your stay until the following check out time.  You can cancel the day of so long as you have not checked into the hotel.

Q. What happens if the weather is unpredictable?

A.  Every effort is made to play.  Rarely will a tournament be cancelled based on a “forecast”.  If the tournament is not officially cancelled the team will be held responsible for any penalties outlined in the Stay to Play policy in your Guest Receipt.